Japanese nostalgia

I went out to eat today. I took a metro train, and then walked for 20 minutes to reach the eating place. The walk seemed like as if I was walking on the flower bed, but instead of flowers, it was the dried leaves, due to the heat, just before the spring. And I felt a nostalgia for Japan, and South Korea. Last time I visited that part of the world in April, 2019. Walking in the daylight while sipping a cup of icy Americano, and looking at the apricot blossoms (as one of the Korean guide pointed out to me), filled me with such a joy.

I first experienced such joy when I went to Japan couple of years before that. And I wanted to experience how it would feel to be in other countries in that region, and I was quite surprised. Korea completely met my expectations. It's as beautiful as Japan in the time of Spring. Spring will soon hit here, and as I was walking around the road, the scenery kept triggering the memories of Japan, and Korea. I felt so nostalgic, and sad. At the same time, I felt reminded that to cherish my love for it, I should get back to practising Kanji, and Japanese language which has been on hold for quite sometime now.

I think with this, I'll also put a pause (or an end) to search for friends. I wrote to someone asking to be friends, but they sent me a HTTP 301 to other venues :D.

Also, while in the state of nostalgia, I bought a copy of Before the Coffee Gets Cold. :D