Welcome to ~.fun!

This is a Linux machine on the internet where you can get a shell account.

The files you put in ~/html are served by a webserver to tilde.fun/~yourusername.

You can apply for an account by connecting as the user tilde (no password) with ssh. messaging an admin (see below) but don't always pick the first one.

Any questions? Maybe they're answered in the FAQs.

home pages of our users:

  1. helix
  2. nomotien
  3. talik
  4. tadas
  5. duck
  6. nitro
  7. sia
  8. astigma
  9. chad
  10. dzr0001
  11. cap
  12. meowcat285
  13. momataoldotcom
  14. pagwin
  15. dongle
  16. lewis
  17. elevul
  18. nerve
  19. millett
  20. oj
  21. mspe
  22. digi
  23. blindshots
  24. csxb
  25. uri

(admins in orange)