~.fun Privacy Policy

the tilde.fun web site

Our web server nginx stores the following access data for all web pages on tilde.fun in an access log:

This information is not shared with any third party and we only use it to provide our services and fix issues.


We ask for your real name and email, but this will never be published anywhere or shared with any third parties. It's strictly to contact you and know who you are from our side.


Tilde.fun is hosted on servers rented from strato.de and netcup.eu. We have an agreement with them to treat your data on this server with care.

Your data

As the server administrators (Linux "root" account), we can look into your home folder even if you disable access with Unix permissions (chmod, chown) or ACLs (setfacl). We will only do so if we have strong evidence of illegal activities or if you tell us to fix an issue with file access. We will never snoop around and we will not look at your data out of curiosity. We will never download your data unless you tell us to. We do not make backups of user-generated content.

Encrypted access

tilde.fun services are only accessible through in-transit encrypted channels. The web server is redirecting to the HTTPS/SSL version of the page and SSH is encrypted with the algorithm you chose. We strongly recommend that you use at least 2048 bit long RSA keys or the ed25519 key format.


The tilde.fun main page does not use cookies to provide our services. We cannot guarantee that the user pages (tilde.fun/~…) will do the same, so if you do not want to be tracked you shouldn't visit user made pages.